Magneto optical
Crystals with magneto-optic effect can be classified into ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, and diamagnetic magneto-optic crystals based on their magnetic properties.
The crystal material converts externally supplied energy through an optical resonator into spatially and temporally coherent laser beams with high parallelism and monochromaticity.
The crystal material possesses many excellent properties, such as high light output, high density, and good resolution.
Noncentrosymmetric crystals, under the action of mechanical force, undergo deformation, causing charged particles to experience relative displacements, resulting in the appearance of positive and negative bound charges on the crystal surface.
Optical Devices
A Faraday rotator is a magneto-optic device that utilizes the Faraday effect to rotate the polarization state of light.
Single crystal substrate
We provide different dimensions of substrate for our customers. So that, our crystal materials could fit different application situation and condition.
Nonlinear crystals could shows stronger than quadratic nonlinear optical effects in reaction to strong laser-electric field. Nonlinear optical crystals are a kind of functional materials.