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LiTaO3 is an important multifunctional crystal material with excellent piezoelectric, ferroelectric, acoustooptic and electro-optic effects. LiTaO3 has been successfully used in many devices and equipment, especially in electro-optic devices, infrared detectors and surface acoustic wave devices.

Product Description

Polished LT wafer, especially for its good mechanical and electrical coupling, temperature coefficient and other comprehensive performance, is widely used in manufacturing of resonators, high-frequency acoustic surface wave filters, transducers and other electronic communication devices, and applied in many fields like mobile phones, intercom, satellite communication, aerospace etc.

Main Advantages:

High Curie temperature

Large Thermal-electric coefficient

Small dielectric constant

Stable chemical and physical properties

Typical applications:

Acoustic surface wave filter


Q switch

Optical modulator

Acoustic and optical switch

Laser multiple frequency multiplier

Optical parametric oscillator

Optical memory

High-temperature and high-frequency ultrasonic detector

Infrared detector

Optical pickup devices

Material Properties

Crystal StructureTrigonal
Lattice constanta=5.154Å, c=13.783Å
Melting Point1650℃
Curie Point603±2℃
Mohs Hardness5.5-6.0
Dielectric Constantes11/eo:39~43, es33/eo:42~43;et11/eo:51~54, et33/eo:43~46
Thermal Conductivity1015wm
Thermal Expansion Coefficienta1=a2=1.61×10-6/℃, a3=4.1×10-6/℃ 
Refractive Indicesn0=2.176  ne=2.180 @ 633mn
E-O CoefficientR33=30.4
Electro-mechanical Coupling factorR15≥0.3
Pyroelectric Coefficient2.3×10-7 C/cm2/K
Transmission Range400nm-5000nm

Technical Parameter

Crystro offers:

Size4" ,6" boule or wafer ,Acoustic or Optical grade
DopingNo Doping or With Fe
Boule Length≥50mm
Wafer Thickness0.25,0.35,0.50(mm)
OrientationY42°/Y36°/X/Y/Z or Upon Request
Surface ProcessSingle/Double Sides Polishing
TTV< 10µm
BOW± (25 ~40 µm)
Flat Width32.0±2.0(mm) or Upon Request
Chamfer0.1mm @45° or round edge
Note: Above parameters for reference only, please contact our sales Rep. for your specific requirement.

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