Intelligent Circling Polisher Suiting All Calibres

Ability to provide different kinds of ring polisher. All of our machines could realize the supervision and control over the craftwork specs of the spin speed, excentricity, regulating plate unloading automatically and could be used in the processing of high and super high flat lenses.

Product Description

Provide various specifications of the continue polisher, It has the function of automatic monitoring and control of all process parameters such as rotate speed, eccentricity and unloading of correction plate.

Main advantages: 

1.Full caliber intelligent continue polisher with high-flatness marble, high-precision turntable bearing, servo motor, constant torque output,PLC + HMI.
2. Integrated process parameter monitoring, surface online monitoring and real-time acquisition of process parameters through automation program.
3. Polishing glue, automatic liquid injection system, automatic slotting and other technical support for the whole process chain of continuepolishing. We can provide samples for trial production.
4. The attachment device for customization

Technical Parameter

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