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Ce:GAGG is a relatively new single scintillation crystal with many properties, such as high light yield, high density, good energy resolution, good emission peak matching with silicon sensor and low intrinsic energy resolution. in addition, the material is non-hygroscopic and non-self-radiative. which is widely used in PET, PEM, SPECT, CT, X and Y ray detection and so on.

Product Description

Main Advantages:

High light output

High energy resolution

High density

No self-radiation

No deliquescing

Typical applications:

Computed tomography scan (CT)

Positron emission tomography (PET)

Single-photon emission computerted tomography imaging (SPECT)

particle accelerator

X-ray and y-ray detection

Material Properties:

Chemical Formula Ce: Gd3Al2Ga3O12
Density 6.63g/cm³
Hardness 8 Mohs
Melting Point 1850℃
Atomic Number 54.4
Growth Method Czochralski
Expanding Coefficient TBA*10-6

Technical Parameter

Crystro offers

Orientation <0.5°
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance ±0.05mm
Parallelism <30″
Perpendicularity <15′
Surface Quality 10-5
Clear Aperture >90%
Chamfer <0.1mm@45°
Dimensions Max Φ 60mm

Note: Above parameters for reference only, please contact our sales Rep. for your specific requirement.

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