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Cerium doped Lutetium Aluminium Garnet (Ce:LuAG) is a well-established scintillator and has many attractive properties, such as fast decay (80ns),high light yield, emission peaks at 510nm that well matched with the sensitivity of commercial Si-CCD detectors as well as good mechanical and chemical stability. Ce:LuAG is also a very appropriate crystal for imaging screens, LED lighting and laser lighting.

Product Description

Main Advantages

Good mechanical and chemical performance
High density
Fast decay time

Typical applications:
PET scanners, high-energy gamma and charged particle detection, as well as X-ray, beta, UV-ray high-spatial resolution image screen, LED illumination, and laser illumination.

Material Properties

Chemical Formula Ce:Lu3Al5O12
Density 6.73g/cm³
Hardness 8.5 Mohs
Melting Point 1970℃
Emission Peak 510nm
Lattice Constant a=11.914Å
Refractive Index 1.84
Expanding Coefficient 8.8*10-6/℃
Decay Time 80 ns
Energy Resolution <8%

Technical Parameter

Crystro offers:

Orientation Tolerance <0.5°
Size Tolerance ±0.05mm
Parallelism <10"
Finish 10-5
Perpendicularity <15"
Chamfer <0.15mm@45°
Max Size Max diameter 60mm

Note: Above parameters for reference only, please contact our sales Rep. for your specific requirement.
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