yig yttrium iron garnet


YIG has superior optical and microwave properties. In the field of optics, the Faraday effect of yttrium iron garnet can be used to manufacture mid-infrared isolators, laser modulators, fiber optic current sensors and other products; In the field of microwaves, YIG has high Q resonance characteristics, which can be used to manufacture magnetic resonance filters, tuned oscillators, bandpass filters and other products.

Product Description

Main advantages: 

Multiple magnetic properties;

Good gyromagnetic performance;

High electric resistance; 

Low dielectric loss; 

Wide range of application in the field of optics and microwave  

Typical application: 

1. Infrared isolator 

2. Laser modulator

3. Fiber current sensor

Material Properties

Crystal StructureCubic
Mohs Hardness7
Mohs Hardness6
Lattice constant1.24nm

Technical Parameter

Crystro offers

Dimensional Tolerance(W±0.1mm) ×(H±0.1mm) ×(L+0.5/-0.1mm) (L≥2.5mm) 
(W±0.1mm) ×(H±0.1mm) ×(L+0.1/-0.1mm) (L<2.5mm)
Transimittance (No coating)>75%(2~4μm),>70%(4.5μm)
Wave front distortionλ/8@633nm
WarrantyOne year
Note: Above parameters for reference only, please contact our sales Rep. for your specific requirement.


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