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Neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) is the earliest and most famous and widely used laser crystal.Because of its many excellent basic properties, Nd:YAG is still often used in near-far infrared solid-state lasers and their frequency doubling and frequency doubling.

Product Description

Nd:YAG is also widely used in medical and industrial lasers, such as laser marking machines, cutting machines, laser therapy instruments and beauty instruments. In applications requiring high power, high energy, Q-switching and mode-locked ultrashort pulse lasers, Nd:YAG is the preferred laser working material.

Main Advantages:

High gain,

Low threshold

High efficiency

Low loss at 1064nm

Good thermal conductivity and shock characteristics

High optical quality

Applicable to many laser working modes(continuous, pulse, Q-switch, mode lock)

Typical application:

Near infrared solid state laser and its frequency, triple frequency

Diode pump full solid state micro laser

Industrial laser


Photoelectric counter equipment system

High performance laser instrument

Laser treatment instrument, beauty meter

Laser marking machine; punching machine, drilling machine etc.

Material Properties

Chemical FormulaNd: Y3Al5O12
Lattice Constanta=12.01Å
Growth MethodCzochralski
Hardness8.5 Mohs
Melting Point1970℃
Refractive Index1.82

Technical Parameter

Crystro offers:

Nd Doping Level0.3%-1.5%
Diameter Tolerance+0.0/-0.05 mm
Length Tolerance±0.1mm
Wave Front Distortion<λ/8@633nm
Surface Quality10-5
DimensionDiameter Φ3-40mm
Note: Above parameters for reference only, please contact our sales Rep. for your specific requirement.
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