TGG crystal is the best magneto-optical material for Faraday rotator and isolator



Faraday rotator is a kind of magneto-optical device based on Faraday magneto-optical effect. It can rotate the polarization direction of the incoming polarized light by a certain angle, and the rotation direction is only related to the internal magnetic field, and has nothing to do with the light passing direction. The rotation angle of Faraday rotator is 45 ° Or 90 °。 Will 45 ° The polarizer is placed on two plates at 45 ° The optical isolator is formed between the polarizers. Optical isolator is a kind of magneto-optical device with one-way light transmission. It is widely used in laser amplification system, mode-locked laser and laser measurement equipment.

The TGG crystal product produced by Chris crystal is characterized by its high Wilde constant, high extinction ratio, low absorption and low loss. It is the best magneto-optical material for making Faraday polarizer and isolator. It can achieve reliable isolation and stable performance. We can also customize isolators and polarizers with different aperture, wavelength and package size.